Rejuvenating Your Skin with HArmonyCa®

Turning Back the Hands of Time with HArmonyCa® at MEDfacials

The largest organ in the human body, the skin is a crucial shield that acts as both a natural defence mechanism and makes us who we are. Protecting us from injury, blocking germs and bacteria, regulating body temperature and more, it has a range of universally important functions, yet is completely individual and unique from one person to the next. Intrinsically linked with identity and well-being, it’s something we should strive to protect. And, in the same way that we can target and nourish different parts of our bodies through meaningful nutrition, exercise and mindfulness, so too can we look after our skin.

Made up of three layers, the skin contains a number of natural substances that help to keep it strong, supple and healthy, including hyaluronic acid and collagen. Overtime, the production of these substances in the body decreases, which is when we can start to see the tell-tale signs of ageing. From around the age of 30, the body’s natural collagen production reduces significantly, and skin noticeably starts to lose its elasticity. In turn, this leads to saggy or sunken skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

That said, though aging is a perfectly natural process, it doesn’t have to spell the end of your skin’s youthful look and feel.

HArmonyCa® Treatments at MEDfacials, Truro

A break-through new treatment, HArmonyCa® by Allergen is a hybrid injectable that replenishes the skin’s natural beauty. Combining hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite, it harnesses skin-enhancing property’s to rejuvenate facial skin gently and effectively. Injected in the dermal layer or sub-dermal layers, it supports the skin’s multi-dimensional needs by providing structural support and boosting volume. With the immediate lift of hyaluronic acid and the collagen-boosting effects of calcium hydroxyapatite, it offers immediate and long-lasting results.

Supporting the body’s own collagen production, HArmonyCa® works deep within the skin to form a scaffold for internal growth of fibroblasts, helping to:

• Produce new collagen fibres as early as 1 week after injection
• Remodel the extracellular matrix for supple, elastic skin


One of the few specialists to offer HArmonyCa® treatments in Cornwall, at MEDfacials we can provide you with expert, one-to-one consultation and expert treatment administered by Dr Stolte or one of our registered practitioners. Offering either intense or subtle results depending on what you’re looking for, we deliver this cutting-edge new treatment at our clinic in Truro to specifically target wrinkles and sunken skin around the jaw, cheeks, side of the face and the skin in front of the ears. Adding elegant contour by supporting the skin’s natural architecture and re-volumizing features, it creates healthy, sustained results that’ll leave you glowing.

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Allowing you turn back the hands of time without invasive surgery, HArmonyCa® is injected into the skin’s superficial under-layer with Lidocaine as part of a simple, pain-free treatment. Not only posing fewer risks or complications than soft-tissue fillers, but this treatment also encompasses little-to-no downtime, with results often visible from the very first session. Both hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite are very well tested and researched, and while in rare cases bruising, redness or itchiness may occur around the injection site, this leading treatment results in very few side effects.

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