HArmonyCa® Treatments

HArmonyCa® Treatments in Cornwall

At MEDfacials in Truro, Cornwall, we are one of the few clinics in the South West
to offer the brand new HArmonyCA
® treatment by Allergan.

Combining Hyaluronic Acid (HA) with Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CA),
HArmonyCA® is a pioneering new treatment that specifically targets the lower face,
both stimulating collagen and adding volume to the face.

Introduction to HArmonyCA®

HArmonyCA® is a new dermal filler treatment by Allergen that combines hyaluronic acid (HA)
with calcium hydroxyapatite (CA) and targets the lower face. With dual action precision, it
stimulates collagen and gives the skin an immediate, long-lasting lift. Filling out hollow areas in the cheeks and jaw and tightening the skin, it achieves wonderful results in just one treatment.

What is HArmonyCA?®

HArmonyCa® with Lidocaine is a break-through soft-tissue filler treatment. Created by aesthetic pioneers Allergan, who brought you Juvéderm and Botox, this injectable treatment is a hybrid dermal filler used to specifically promote collagen production and regenerate and refresh skin in the mid and lower face. Wonderful for naturally plumping the cheeks and jaws, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and volumizing tired and aging skin, it achieves immediate, long-lasting effects in one treatment for a brighter, more youthful look and feel.

How Does This Treatment Work?

HArmonyCa® is a cutting-edge new treatment that can be injected in the deep dermal layer or the sub-dermal layers of the skin for either intense or more subtle results, all depending on what you’re looking for. Perfect for targeting wrinkles and sunken skin around the jaw, cheeks, side of the face and in front of the ears, it combines the immediate lift of hyaluronic acid with the collagen stimulating effects of calcium hydroxyapatite for immediate and long-lasting improvement. Not just a beauty treatment, but this dual-effect filler also provides healthy structural support to remodel and re-volumize skin for healthy, sustained results.

Is HArmonyCa® Safe?
Injected into the skin’s superficial under-layer, HArmonyCa® is administered superficially and therefore does not pose a lot of the same risks or complications that soft-tissue fillers can. HArmonyCa® also contains Lidocaine, a local anaesthetic that numbs the target area and makes the treatment more comfortable. Both hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatiteare very well tested and researched and have been used for a long time. What makes HArmonyCa® special is that this is the first time both components have been harnessed into one syringe to create such an effective, dual-effect treatment.

Are There Side-Effects?
HArmonyCa® is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment that comes with little discomfort or need for downtime. In rare cases, bruising around the injection site may occur, as well as some redness, swelling, tenderness or itching. If you have an allergy to either Lidocaine or the filler ingredients, then please inform MEDfacials before making your booking.

What Happens During Treatment?
Following an initial consultation with your aesthetic practitioner at MEDfacials, your skin will be cleansed and your unique injection points will be marked. HArmonyCa® is delivered to the under-layer of skin using a cannula, which offers greater safety and less discomfort than needles. As HArmonyCa® contains a numbing agent, numbing cream is not used. Following your treatment, which usually includes between 1 and 3 injections on each side of the face, your skin will be cleansed again. Post-treatment advice and guidance will be explained to you in the clinic, and we ask that you do not touch the injection site or apply make-up to avoid infection.

What Results Can I Expect to See?
HArmonyCa® boasts dual-action effects, with the hyaluronic acid component resulting in a fast, lifting effect and the calcium hydroxyapatite promoting sustained collagen production through activating fibroblasts. Together, this helps to tighten and lift the cheeks and jawlines and leads to smoother, volumized skin with reduced wrinkles and fine lines. Results are evident soon after your first treatment and new collagen fibres can be present as little as one week afterwards. For the best results, we recommend you repeat your treatment in a year's time.