Heart Lips™

The Heart Lips™ technique is a revolutionary technique developed by Professor Bob Khanna. Professor Khanna is one of the leading figures in the Aesthetics world and has developed facial aesthetics on a global scale. 

Inspired by looking at the lips of women who were naturally beautiful, Dr. Khanna discovered that beautiful lips were naturally heart shaped, and had a noticeable cleft on both the lower lip’s mid-line, as well as the upper lip – forming an attractive lobe shape that provides a youthfully attractive frame to the most dazzling smiles.

His technique is so ground breaking that only a few clinics across the UK have adopted the method. The technique aims to give you perfect heart shaped lips. Heart shaped lips are beautifully feminine and hugely popular with our patients. The technique provides a more specific shape than normal lip filler treatments as the technique of injecting the filler is more skilled. 

Dr Stolte is one of only a few clinical practitioners in the UK with a licence to provide you with the Heart Lips Treatment. Should you opt for the treatment at MEDfacials you are safe in the knowledge that our practitioner has learnt from the very best.

What is used in Heart Lips treatment?

The Heart Lips lip augmentation technique is done to recreate the naturally beautiful heart shape of the lips with the use of a hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, combined with lidocaine. The Heart Lips treatment is notably suited for youthful women whose faces have a tapered, oval shape – to create a naturally beautiful appearance that will bring out the sensuality and overall femininity of the smiles.


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