3D Visage

3D Visage Treatments in Cornwall

Our team of leading aesthetic practitioners are now offering 3D Visage treatments in Truro, Cornwall for a revolutionary new look into skin health and condition.

The 3D Visage machine is a revolutionary face scanner that complements all cosmetic and surgical facial treatments and procedures. Providing an in-depth look into the health of your skin, it provides accurate analysis of your skin’s quality and condition, including pigmentation, hydration, congestion, sun damage and more.

Introduction to 3D Visage

Ever wondered how healthy your skin really is? At MEDfacials in Truro, Cornwall, our brand-new 3D Visage machine provides an unrivalled insight into the condition of your skin, from hydration to pigmentation levels to dead skin cells and more. Presenting comprehensive visual analysis of the face, it can pinpoint the ‘true age’ of your skin and, together with its complex inbuilt algorithms and metrics, help to prescribe a dedicated treatment plan to ensure your skin is as healthy, nourished, and youthful as can be.

How Does the 3D Visage Machine Work?

Leading the way in aesthetic technology, the 3D Visage machine harnesses a powerful 18-million-pixel camera in conjunction with inbuilt software to provide a detailed scan of the face. Combining three images of the face from three different angles, it creates a perfect 3D visual that provides an incredibly in-depth look into the skin, highlighting issues unseen by the naked eye. Not only revealing surface issues or concerns, but the high-grade camera also indicates areas of excess bacteria, sebum, porphyrins and more – mapping out the skin at a microscopic level for an incredibly detailed analysis.

What’s Included?

Face Scanning

To start your treatment plan, we will use the 3D Visage’s safe scanning feature to take three scans of your face from different angles to build a 3D picture. Using this imagery, we will then be able to provide you with a detailed analysis of the condition of your skin, including your skin’s ‘true age’ and areas to address. We can also provide you with a score using data from the world’s largest skin-type database to glean perspective on how your skin fairs in comparison with others of the same age and skin type from across the world.

Skin Analysis

Thanks to the amazing accuracy of the 3D Visage’s facial scanning technology, we can provide you with a comprehensive review of the health and condition of your skin. This includes reviewing your skin’s hydration levels, pigmentation levels, congestion (including the build-up of dead skin, bacteria, and sebum), wrinkles and fine-lines, skin texture, sunspots, brown spots, red areas, scarring, porphyrins and more. As part of this review process, you will receive both visual analysis as well as detailed explanations of what you can see from your results, and why, from our trained practitioners.

Percentile Review

With access to an extensive database, the 3D Visage’s patented comparison analysis provides an unparalleled insight into skin health. Harnessing the world’s largest skincare library, it uses detailed data to review how your skin compares to others of the same age and skin type around the world and which percentile you fall into. In turn, this can be used to support a bespoke skincare treatment plan, focusing on target areas to nourish and care for the skin. Completely tailored to your requirements, we can focus on delivering the best products and treatments available so that you can enjoy the highest quality results for your skin.

Before and Afters

Offering detailed visual analysis of the skin, the 3D Visage machine can be used to curate brilliant before and after imagery. Proving the efficacy of treatments, we can show you detailed images to highlight areas of targeted improvement in the skin, both visible and invisible to the naked eye.

What Results Can You Expect?

Following your initial scan, we can provide you with instant feedback about the condition of your skin and discuss an individual skincare treatment plan to achieve targeted goals. For the best results, we recommend a follow-up analysis to review areas of improvement and how you can continue to look after your skin.

To book your 3D Visage scan in our Truro clinic, get in touch today to begin your bespoke plan and look forward to beautiful results inside and out.