3D Lipo Ultimate Pro

3D Lipo Ultimate Pro

At MEDfacials in Truro, Cornwall we offer fantastic 3D lipo Ultimate Pro treatments in Cornwall.
An award-winning machine that offers several treatments through one groundbreaking device, it is the number one choice for safely and effectively delivering non-surgical fat and cellulite reduction and skin tightening treatments.

Introduction to 3D Lipo Ultimate Pro Treatments

Offering incredible results, the medical-grade 3D lipo Ultimate Pro device is now available at our MEDfacials aesthetic clinic in Truro. Designed by the industry’s leading cosmetic scientists and beauty experts, it delivers safe, effective body contouring for men and women when carried out by our team of trained practitioners. Pain-free and non-invasive, it can be used to deliver multiple, targeted treatments for fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening, helping you to achieve desired body goals and boost your self-confidence.  

What Does the Ultimate Pro Do?

At MEDfacials in Cornwall, we use our award-winning 3D Lipo Ultimate Pro to offer bespoke treatments, including skin tightening, body contouring, cellulite reduction and fat reduction. A singular machine that can deliver multiple treatments, it harnesses revolutionising technology to pave the way for safe, healthy and achievable beauty goals. Treatments are smooth and effective and offer brilliant results for an array of body and facial issues.

What Treatments Can I Have?

The Ultimate Pro is a multi-technology machine that safely and effectively delivers a range of treatments for bespoke results. These include:


Best for: Fat Loss and Body Contouring

Cavitation is a non-invasive 3D lipo reduction treatment that can be used to target fat on the arms, back, buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. Supporting fat removal and inch loss, it works by using an ultrasound wave to break down fat cells in targeted areas of the body, without harming any other cells at the same time. As this happens, the ultrasound wave creates a powerful vibration within focused layers of fat. Unable to withstand the vibrations, the fat cells’ membranes break down, releasing fat lipids (triglycerides) that are converted into free fatty acid and glycerol. These are then absorbed and processed by the body, promoting overall fat reduction. This treatment is especially sought-after for reducing cellulite and adipose fat, helping to improve body shape and contour.


Best for: Reducing Fatty Pockets

Cryolipolysis is a specialist treatment used to reduce stubborn pockets of fat from the body, including the abdomen, ‘love handles’, stomach, chin, upper arms, and inner thighs. Offering large treatment area coverage, it can target one or two areas simultaneously and is most often used to treat localised bulges that are hard to shift through diet and exercise alone. Also known as fat freezing, it is a nonsurgical treatment that essentially uses cold temperatures up to -10°C to naturally reduce fat deposits. Using the 3D Ultimate Pro’s suction handpiece, a vacuum is used to painlessly target and freeze fatty areas. This process crystallises and dissolves fat cells, which are then gently and safely removed from the body through its natural metabolic process, leading to a smoother, sleeker look and feel.

Radio Frequency Fat Melting

Best for: Tightening Skin on the Face and Body

Radiofrequency Frequency Fat Melting (lipolysis) is an effective treatment that uses radio frequency to reduce fat in the face and body. Some of these areas include small fatty deposits around the chin, cheeks and back. Used to tighten skin, melt fat, and reduce cellulite, it uses an applicator which is held close to the skin to gently and safely heat cells. As skin cells are mostly made up of water and fat cells are mostly made up of oil, the fat cells heat up more quickly and, under temperatures of around 40°C, begin to melt and metabolise. Without ever coming into direct contact with the skin, the Ultimate Pro offers pain-free treatment for fast, effective results.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Best for: Toning Sagging Skin

Helping to turn back the hands of time and achieve greater body confidence, the Ultimate Pro’s Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatment is used to firm and tone sagging and loose skin. Heating the deeper dermis layer of skin to between 40 and 45°C, it uses targeted heat treatment to stimulate fibroblast action within the skin’s connective tissues. Specifically, the cells which make collagen and elastin. With dual effect, it causes the skin’s connective tissue fibres to contract and encourages greater collagen and elastin production too, visibly tightening the skin’s appearance and stimulating improved bloody supply. Affording a safe, nonsurgical facelift and firming treatment, it can be delivered as part of a bespoke treatment package to target many areas of the face and body.

Shockwave Therapy

Best for: Cellulite Removal

Acoustic Wave Therapy, commonly known as Shockwave Therapy, is a renowned, non-invasive treatment that helps to reduce fat and cellulite on the abdomen, legs, arms and more. Used to improve overall body health, it uses Radial Pressure Waves to activate and weaken fat cell membranes to enable them to naturally break down. Increasing blood flow and promoting lymphatic drainage, it stimulates greater metabolism in the body, allowing it to naturally flush away unwanted fatty acids. As well as clearing out impurities through the lymphatic system and boosting blood supply, it helps to soften and strengthen the skin’s connective tissues, leading to the reduced appearance of cellulite and creating smoother, toner skin.

Are Ultimate Pro Treatments Safe?

All our Ultimate Pro treatments are carried out by trained professionals at our Truro clinic and are completely safe. An award-winning device that harnesses multiple technologies into one machine, it offers groundbreaking treatments delivered as part of bespoke plans. The Ultimate Pro has been designed by the beauty and medical industry’s leading healthcare professionals. All treatments are completely non-surgical and non-invasive and have been extensively tested and researched.

Are There Any Side-Effects?

Depending on your treatment, you can expect very few side-effects. The majority of our Ultimate Pro’s treatments are entirely painless, and we will always endeavour to make sure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible. In some cases, side effects may include mild discomfort, tenderness, or redness in the targeted areas. However, this non-invasive approach poses very few risks or side effects, especially in comparison to traditional liposuction. You can resume your daily activities straight after treatment.

How Many Treatments Do I Need and What Results Can I Expect to See?

Before your treatment, we can arrange a consultation to discuss your desired goals and create a tailored plan for your bespoke requirements and expectations. Depending on your treatment, we recommend a course of one to two initial treatments, followed by maintenance treatments in the following months and years. Once you have received your treatment, you can expect to see visible improvement and longer-lasting results can be encouraged by following a healthy, active lifestyle. To make sure you are confident, we can provide you with advice and guidance on how best to maintain your results after your treatment.

Get in touch to begin your tailored plan and achieve your health and beauty goals today.