What is Profhilo®?

Profhilo® is a unique procedure which treats skin that lacks tightness, in other words, the looseness that develops as we age.  It is a wrinkle cure, that turns back the clock, restoring natural beauty that has been lost over the years. 

One of the great benefits of this revolutionary product is that Profhilo® not only has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid on the market, but it is free of chemicals.  This really is a great innovation in the treatment industry and one which we hope will lead the way, inspiring more chemical-free methods. 

How many treatments should I have?

We usually recommend that patients have two treatments about four-six weeks apart.

After the first treatment, lines have already started to disappear and skin appears tighter and less saggy. The facelift appears fresher and uplifted. Years come off just like that!

Following the second treatment, the face is magnificently transformed back in time. Clients look a lot healthier and vibrant. Skin laxity is no longer an issue.

How long do the effects last? 

Profhilo® can work its magic for at least six-twelve months by improving elasticity and firmness.  It is not designed to replace volume and we want you to know that even the most adamant wrinkle cannot be fixed by treatment after treatment as this often creates an over-volumised appearance. 

Hence, we can see why Profhilo® is not exactly a dermal filler. Think of it as a much needed hydrating agent that irons out wrinkles, whilst dispersing hyaluronic acid through the skin.   The skin is boosted and that gets the all-important skin protein, elastin production back in order again.

Is Profhilo® a Dermal Filler?

Some people mistakenly think that Profhilo® is a dermal filler, let me explain this a bit. Traditionally dermal fillers contain a synthetic chemical called BDDE.  

BDDE is short for '1,4-butanediol diglycidyl' the magical ingredient binds the whole hyaluronic acid chain together to stop this chain from being broken down in the body. 

Profhilo® is naturally stable and therefore doesn't require the addition of chemicals. Therefore, it is not really a dermal filler nor a mesotherapy product, but a product of its own unique kind. 

What makes it different?

Profhilo® is completely BDDE free. BDDE is a synthetically produced chemical and therefore, something that many patients would prefer to avoid having injected into their skin.

With no chemical cross-linking present, how is Profhilo® able to stabilise its Hyaluronic acid? Cleverly, using a special patented thermal process, it creates new hydrogen bonds, after breaking its existing natural bonds.

There are two types of hyaluronic acid supported by these hydrogen bonds: high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid. The former’s role is to hold the skin together, whilst the latter hydrates and stimulates the dermal layers.

Profhilo®’s biocompatibility with skin is much higher due to it being stabilised without the for BDDE.


We are happy to offer this treatment in our skin care clinic in Truro, Cornwall. Please contact us via email or ring for an appointment