We've launched lunchtime Hydrafacial treatments

January is usually the time of year where we take stock, look forward make a few promises to ourselves.  Perhaps it’s a bit more ‘me time’, finishing that book started during lockdown or even indulging in a few treatments to get us ready for Spring.

We’re delighted to let you know that we’re on board with that too, which is why we’ve launched our Express Hydrafacial from £99.00 in our Truro Clinic.  Taking between 30-45 minutes, means you can be in and out in a lunch time having had a relaxing, luxurious yet super effective facial.  Our Beauty Therapists Bailie and Freya tell us more about Hydrafacials and why they are proving so popular.

“It makes my skin glow”

“Most of my clients are delighted at the results” says Bailie. “They comment on how good they feel, how it makes their skin ‘glow’ and how clean their skin looks” This could be because the HydraPeel Tip literally draws out the impurities and puts hydrating serums back into the skin. Clients can sometimes be surprised when I show them what has been removed from their skin during a hydrafacial treatment”  Bailie continues.  Freya tells me that she was really impressed when she had a hydrafacial done herself and chose to add in a lip treatment. “After the treatment I was given a product to take home, and it has lasted for months” she said.

Bailie and Freya have been studying Beauty Therapy at Truro College and have also been specifically trained by the company which created the Hydrafacial Treatment system.  They explain how the treatment works and how it differs from a ‘regular’ facial.


What can you expect from a Hydrafacial treatment?

Firstly your skin is deep cleansed and exfoliated and prepared for a peel using Glysal which breaks down dirt.  Then, using patented technology the HydroPeel Tip hoovers up excess sebum and dirt.” says Bailie “While this is happening, hydrating serums are pumped into your skin.  Finally Red and Blue LED lights are used to stimulate the skin and kill bacteria.” 

Already a Hydrafacial fan? Go Deluxe…

If you love the Express Hydrafacial Treatment, Bailie and Freya are also offering a Deluxe version which is longer (at 1.5 hours) and includes lymphatic drainage and an indulgent Dermalux LED session to finish.   

Hydrafacial treatments are suitable for most skin conditions, and you can add ‘boosters’ and ‘perks’ to deal with specific areas such as fine lines, acne, brown spots and more.  Bailie and Freya can tell you more about what treatment is right for you.

However, if you’re allergic to Shellfish or Aspirin, maybe a Hydrafacial treatment isn’t for you. 

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Why not promise yourself a Glow Up this Winter and get ready for Spring 2022?