Introducing New Product Ranges!

You might have noticed a change to our online shop recently.  We've teamed up with our friends at iSClinical and through our partnership we have added new THREE new product ranges.

We're giving you 10% off our entire online shop until 14 October 2020.  Use Code: MED10 at checkout.

You may be familiar with the new brands, but for those of you who aren’t, here’s a quick overview of what each offers in terms of specialist skincare, and a roundup of popular brands on our online shop. Click onto the Brand name in order to see the products.

iSClinical offers a range of botanically based, Pharma-grade cosmeceuticals, that have been clinically proven to effectively treat and improve your skin.  Some of their power players include the iconic Cleansing Complex, the anti-ageing wonder, Active Serum and the skin saviour, Sheald Recovery Balm.

Codage, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, offers custom, prescription skincare solutions that change with your skin’s needs.   Made using the latest technological advances and finest ingredients, they offer tailored solutions bespoke to you.  Famous for their skin-boosting serums, they also offer wonder products including their Scrubbing Cream to exfoliate and soothe and their Purifying Mask to reduce imperfections, reduce shine and clarify your skin.   

Skinade and Totally Derma are nutritional supplements designed to boost your skin’s health and radiance from within.  Designed to promote your body’s collagen production, both have been recommended by experts to reduce the signs of ageing and to prolong the effects of some aesthetic treatments.  

Skinceuticals has established itself as a brand committed to research and innovation.  Our customers love the fact that the Skinceutical range is a brand leader helping optimise the healthy look and beauty of their skin. Find their products in our online shop under the headings; Prevention, Protection, Correction.

Peel 2 Glow is perfect for a home facial treatment consisting of a two step regime.  Firstly exfoliate and then glow!  There are 4 to choose from and they are priced at only £8.99!

Finally, Déesse is the market leader in LED phototherapy mask design, bringing the wonders of LED therapy to you in your own home for the first time.  LED has been clinically proven to treat a number of skin conditions including anti-ageing, anti-acneic and skin discolouration.

When you visit our iSClinical, Codage, Totally Derma and Déesse pages, you will be taken care of, via an affiliate link by Harpar Grace who will fulfill your orders on our behalf.