What can I do about my 'Spider' veins?

You might have noticed as you get older that very thin veins have appeared on your face or legs.  These are called 'Thread' or 'Spider' veins and we have a really effective way of treating them at MEDfacials.  But first, let's understand what they actually are.

What are 'Thread' or 'Spider' Veins?

The medical name for these are 'telangiectasia' which literally comes from Ancient Greece and means 'Dilated End Vessels', which explains why we often find these little red dilated vessels on our noses, cheeks and legs.  

The common name for them is 'Thread' or 'Spider' Veins because they sometimes look like little spiders underneath the skin.

They are harmless and won't cause you any medical issues, but they can look a little unsightly and sometimes this can lead to a drop in confidence.

Why do they occur?

There are many causes for 'Thread' or 'Spider' Veins.  It may be that you have a family history of them, or you've spent a lot of time in the sun.  They often accompany ageing and being overweight can also be a factor.  They also occur more frequently in women.

Can they be treated?

The great news is that we have a new treatment at MEDfacials called Thermavein®. This 'gold standard' treatment is not only instant and effective, it's safe and fast too.


Unlike laser treatment, which treats the area around the vein,'Thermavein' is instant.  No need to wait for 3 months to see an improvement and no need for repeated visits to the clinic.

Thermavein® uses a highly targeted needle to join the two walls of the vessels together so that they, effectively, disappear.  This is called 'Thermocoagulation'

After your treatment, you won't need bandages, you'll be free to go and get on with your day.


If you've think you'd benefit from Thermavein®, you can read more on our treatment page here and get in touch with us to book your Free Consultation.