Have you ever thought about a Facelift?

Not so fast with that scalpel! Turns out, plastic surgery is not the only answer if you're looking to appear more beautiful.

We have an alternative that you might be interested in. At MEDfacials in Truro, Cornwall we have developed the Signature MED-Facelift.

Introducing the Silhouette  Soft® technology

This unique facial rejuvenation procedure that elevates sagging facial skin without the need for surgery, scars, or general anaesthesia  It is a simple, in-office procedure to re-contour the face of your patients by elevating the deeper layers of their skin

It is a simple, non-surgical Facelift procedure, completely tailored to your needs, taking less than 60 minutes, but lasting up to 24 months or longer. It redefines facial contours and stimulates the body’s own natural collagen production.

Some of the best results and impact of the MED-FaceLift are achieved through:

  • redefined jawline and reduced jowls,
  • less evident nose to mouth lines,
  • increased volume in the mid-face and contour of your cheek, by tightening laxity and reduced crêpey skin and will continue to improve over time.

What is the facelift mechanism behind working with SILHOUETTE SOFT® 8/12 cones?

The SILHOUETTE SOFT® 8/12 cones mechanism works in two-directions so that as the cone is inserted into the skin, it remains in place. However, for this purpose, the ingredients sued in the production of these sutures are biodegradable so that as to dissolve into the skin without causing any infection or harm.

However, the time when the suture remains incorporated into the skin, at this time; it inclines the production of collagen into the skin. Whereas the research has proved that the collagen production into the skin increases skin’s elasticity and prevents it from loosening.

When to use SILHOUETTE SOFT® cones?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® 8 cones dissolve within a month or so yet it increases collagen growth to an extent which lasts for a year and a half to two years.

Pros of Silhouette Soft:

  1. Immediate lifting effect
  2. Gradual reconstruction of lost collagen
  3. Entirely absorbable ingredients
  4. Little invasiveness – no incisions
  5. FDA approved
  6. Local anaesthesia
  7. Unique system of elevating tissues with cones
  8. Short recovery time
  9. Natural effects