Have a Spa-Day at Home

If it's one thing a lot of us are missing at the moment, it's a trip to a Spa! Lockdown has taught us all to be a bit more resourceful and while we might not be able to access our favourite facials or treatments at the moment, there are things we can do for ourselves at home.  Here our some suggestions from us about how you can recreate a Spa Day at home and enjoy a bit of 'me' time.  

1. Plan your time

You might only have a small amount of time, so planning ahead will make the most of every minute.  It might be a long soak in the bath with your favourite candle and some bath salts is all you can manage, but even this will help you combat any stress you might be feeling during these unusual times.

If you're in Truro, you can find candles online at Illustrated Living

2. Choose your favourite sounds

Whether it's Mozart, Thelonious Monk or Miley Cyrus, find your favourite playlist and take time to immerse yourself in the music while you enjoy your Spa-Day.  Alternatively how about catching up on that Audiobook or Podcast you've been promising yourself for a while?

3. At Home Facials

You can re-create our clinic experience with the products we use at MEDfacials as shown here in an iSClinical video.

Products used here are:

Check our Home Spa Day Collection to buy the products in the video 


4. Why not invest in LED? 

At MEDfacials we love LED phototherapy and recommend it to a lot of our clients.  You can now purchase 'at home' kits on our website.  Working with our friends at Déesse, we can offer their Professional LED mask or their new Déesse Pro Express which is portable and uses Red and Near Infra Red light to stimulate collagen and elastin production and improve circulation and tissue oxygenation.

LED phototherapy

Slowing down and taking a little bit of time out will help you manage the effects of lockdown. We're really looking forward to getting back to normal but in the meantime, whether you're taking a few minutes or a few hours, we hope you enjoy your Spa-Day experience and feel refreshed and relaxed afterwards.