5 easy wins for Winter Skin

Perhaps it’s because of the recent storms, we’ve come over all wintery! We’ve been huddled under hats and brollies, and yes, the heating is most definitely set to ON!  We look at Five easy fixes to make sure your skin stays in great shape this winter.

Protect your skin!

Did you know that you should be using an SPF all year round? One of the most effective ways to combat skin damage is to use an SPF of 30 or higher throughout the year.

It is estimated that 80% of UV rays still penetrate even on cloudy days, so an SPF is an essential form of protection for your skin, even in the winter months.

We recommend using a stand-alone SPF to ensure you are getting the right protection; have a look at our blog to find out more about which products might work for you and the science behind it all! 

Cleanse your skin with care

Winter can weaken our skin and leave it feeling thin, cracked and dry. Using a good cleanser is key to supporting your skin and not drying it out further.

Please, please steer clear of makeup wipes; whilst they might seem like an easy solution for cleaning your skin at the end of a long day, they aren't actually very effective at cleansing and can leave your skin dry and irritated.

Instead, we recommend a gentle cleanser like iS Clinical Cream Cleanser; gentle enough to be used daily on even hypersensitive skin, it will leave your skin clean, protected and nourished. For a budget-friendly option, Your Good Skin does a range of cleansers, some of which are sulphate and paraben-free too.

Feed your skin

During the winter months, it is best to upgrade to a slightly heavier moisturiser. You might want to consider adding a facial oil or serum to your routine too. Choose oils that nourish and protect your skin against the drying, damaging effect of Winter such as rose and aloe.

A good serum, like iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum Advance+ is lightweight enough to be used under your moisturiser and contains botanically derived ingredients to feed and revive your damaged winter skin.

Plan your skincare journey

Winter is the perfect time to opt for those skin rejuvenating treatments that can leave your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Procedures like Tixel and IPL require some time out of the sun, so use the winter as an excuse to rejuvenate your skin and hideaway for some cosy nights in!

Rest and revive

Two of the easiest and biggest wins for your winter skin is to make sure you are getting plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water.

Drink, drink, drink and use those shorter days to your advantage to grab a little extra time in bed!

If you would like to book in for a free skin consultation or chat to one of our doctor-led team about your skin concerns, complaints or adapting your skincare regime, drop us an email at contact@medfacials.com or call us on 07886 250647.

And don't forget to wrap up warm! x