Coronavirus Testing Consultation

MEDfacials offers a easy, highly accurate PCR Swab test, which is UKAS accredited, that checks to see if you currently have Coronavirus. This can be done in your home or workplace with quick results within five working days of your order. If required, a fit to fly travel certificate can also be issued with the test result.

We are working with an UKAS approved laboratory which will provide you with a testing kit so you can provide them with a throat and nasal swab.  The nasal swab they require is more gentle that some of the other available tests. This will take the pressure for NHS swab tests away as well.

These tests are only available via a Clinic consultation.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-Testing Kit

Contact us directly to order your COVID test kit from us. Prices start at £119 and will be sent out to you.

Full instructions are given by us. Once you've sent it back to the laboratory, you'll get the results in around 72 hours.

Contact us for more info

Test and Fit to Fly Certificate

Contact us for a Fit to Fly certificate (and test), we either can swab your throat and nose and send it off to our laboratory partners or we will send you the test kit and you can send it off yourself.

The cost is £139 inclusive of the Fit and Fly Certification

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More Information

What else do I need to know?

How do I post my test?

If you cannot get to Truro, you can contact us for a Consultation.  If you order a kit before 12 midday Monday – Friday this will be shipped the same day and should arrive with you the following day. Orders placed after 12 midday Monday – Thursday will be shipped the following day, arriving with you two days after order. Orders placed after midday on Friday, will be dispatched on Monday and should arrive with you on Tuesday. You can then post the kit back to the lab.

Samples returned via Royal Mail Priority Post Boxes should reach the lab in the following 24 hours. Once a sample is delivered to the lab, the lab usually takes 48 hours to process the test, though it can sometimes take longer.

Please check which date you need to test to meet your particular requirements before you purchase a kit online. If you need to test on a Saturday or Sunday, the postal service will NOT be suitable for you. You will need to come into one of our Truro -based clinics for testing. Please contact us to make a booking. 

All customers purchasing these tests must use their own judgement about the best date to purchase, carry out and return the test to us. The company cannot take responsibility for any test timelines and associated outcomes affecting travel.

When will I get the results of my COVID-19 PCR test?

The whole process takes three to five working days. Once you have taken the test, send the sample back in the postage-paid 1st class Royal Mail envelope provided. If the test is posted before 12 midday, it should arrive with the lab within 24 hours.Once the test is received by the lab, it usually takes 48 hours for your results to be processed. Our patient care representatives are ready to help you interpret your Covid-19 test results and to help you understand the next steps.

All customers purchasing these tests must use their own judgement about the best date to purchase, carry out and return the test to us. The company cannot take responsibility for any test timelines and associated outcomes affecting travel.

To speed up the turnaround time, you are able to order the kits in advance. Unused kits are not time specific, nor do they require refrigeration so they will not spoil if you order ahead of time

What is a 'Fit to Fly' certificate?

Some Countries have imposed strict quarantine regulations for anyone entering, typically requiring a 14 day isolation period.However, for some destinations the quarantine requirement is waived with a Fit to Fly certificate if the passenger is holding a valid COVID-19 Certificate of Testing which shows there is no infection.

Please check with your destination to see if they are accepting Fit to Fly COVID-19 Test Certificates, and to determine how soon before departure the test has to be undertaken.

How will I get my results?

You will get your results directly from the lab and also from MEDfacials.

Our Guarantee

We will do our utmost to ensure your test is processed as quickly as possible by the lab. We are confident that the timelines quoted are achievable in almost all cases.

What we can't guarantee

We are unable to guarantee the exact times quoted above. The lab we work with, while one of the UK’s best, is experiencing unprecedented volumes of requests and therefore a small number of test results are occasionally delayed.

Are you doing COVID Antibody tests?

We aren't currently testing for antibodies. 


Always very good information provided prior to treatment and actual treatment delivered in a professional, covid safe manner. Would highly recommend.