What is ProMax Lipo Treatment?

Those stubborn areas of fat can be really difficult to shift despite your best efforts.  It might be that you are battling your own genetic predisposition as to exactly where the fat in your body is stored. However, help is at hand at MEDfacials with ProMax Lipo Treatment.

Here are a few facts about ProMax Lipo:

  • Safe, comfortable & affordable treatment
  • Virtually pain-free with only some mild heating experienced akin to a hot stone massage
  • Results that improve with each session
  • Targeted fat reduction in stubborn areas combined with a cellulite smoothing treatment
  • Safe results by bio-stimulation of natural metabolic pathway rather than tissue destruction
  • Excellent value and compares favourably with other laser techniques
  • Clinically proven results
  • Doesn’t require any anaesthetic and has no associated downtime

What can you expect when you have ProMax Lipo?

STEP ONE: Ultrasonic Cavitation for the Body. 

Firstly, your practitioner will perform ultrasonic cavitation to treat areas of the body affected by fat and cellulite.  Cavitation is defined as being the formation of an empty space within a solid object - for example, the creation of bubbles in a liquid. Your practitioner will start by applying an ultrasound gel on the area to be treated.  They will then apply light pressure on the handset; by performing a series of sweeping motions, or a combination of sweeping motions with static periods, areas of stubborn fat and cellulite will be treated and reduced.  

The ultrasonic cavitation handset works by employing high-frequency ultrasound waves to penetrate the fat layer, disrupting the fat cell walls. The sound waves cause a harmless chemical reaction which creates microbubbles (the cavitation process) to form in the interstitial fluid - the extracellular fluid that fills the spaces between most of the cells of the body.  As these bubbles collapse, they trigger a temporary change in the cell membrane allowing the lipids (fat cells) to "leak" their contents into the interstitial fluid simultaneously turning into the lymph. The 'loose fat' lymph is then drained naturally by your body, via the lymphatic system, into the bloodstream to be processed by the liver and eliminated with sweat, urine and faeces.

To ensure you get the best results from the ultrasonic cavitation process we recommend exercising as soon as possible after your treatment and drinking plenty of water to fully flush out your system.  

STEP TWO: Radio Frequency and Vacuum 

The process for step two is dependent on your requirements and the area treated. For example, when treating the body, your practitioner will use multi-polar radio frequency, whereas on the face we use bi-polar radiofrequency. A vacuum function may be used, depending on the size and location of the treatment area, to optimise results.

Step two is used to tighten skin and reduce cellulite. Multi-polar radio frequencies are combined, through multiple electrodes, or “poles”, to target the top and deep layers of the skin. Your practitioner will start by applying a radio frequency lotion on the area treated. They will then, through continuous slow movements, gradually heat the treatment area - some clients find this process mildly uncomfortable; please don't hesitate to speak with your practitioner if you find this to be the case. If a vacuum treatment is also required, this will be performed at the same time as the radio frequency process.  

The radiofrequency and vacuum handset has two functions; the primary function is to emit radiofrequency waves to tighten the skin. Radio waves are created when an electric field interacts with a magnetic field, causing vibrations that can travel through a vacuum. With radiofrequency treatments, highly controlled waves of energy create heat in the deep dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. This heating process aids circulation, in turn increasing fat cell metabolism to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve collagen firmness. In addition, when exposed to radiofrequency waves the skin contracts and vibrates, causing pores to close and to become smaller and the skin to tighten.  With additional treatments, this tightening effect can be maintained.  

The vacuum massage is used to assist the body's lymphatic drainage system, which releases lipids during cavitation and removes toxins from the body.

ProMax can also be used to tighten skin on the face and neck. 

What can I expect after my treatment?

You may experience some mild heat, swelling and redness on the skin, which usually lasts for only a few hours; your practitioner may apply a soothing gel to cool where required.

To get the most out of your treatment we require that you increase your water intake before and after the treatment, therefore you may notice slightly more lavatory visits than usual!

Exercise is an essential element to obtain the best results, we would ask that you exercise within 72 hours of the treatment to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you shift that stubborn fat!