What fuels our passion for safer aesthetics in Cornwall?

Last week the MEDfacials clinic was abuzz with lights, camera and action as Dr Stolte somewhat reluctantly took to the limelight and spent some time filming some video tutorials about a few of the treatments on offer at MEDfacials. As well as this, he took some time to share his thoughts on what sets MEDfacials apart in the crowded aesthetics marketplace.

Who is Dr Stolte?

Dr Stolte is the lead practitioner and founder of MEDfacials, Truro. He is an aesthetic doctor, a GP, a father and a husband. Because of these varied roles, he is aware of the complexity of the beauty industry and the wide, confusing array of products, treatments and claims surrounding it.

As a GP, sadly, he has also treated those who have fallen victim to practitioners who perhaps didn’t have the right technique, product or training for that patient.

Due to the industry being largely unregulated, it can be worrying and nerve-wracking finding a reliable practitioner. Particularly as the media has been filled with many sad cases where aesthetic medicine has gone wrong.

Why set up MEDfacials?

Dr Stolte set up MEDFacials in 2015 because he was passionate about bringing:

  • a better level of patient care

  • a safer standard of practice and

  • the best results a patient can hope for

As a working GP and with a masters in Aesthetic Medicine, safety and patient care are always his primary concern. He strives to give honest advice and to work with the patient to give them a look that they want, without it looking fake or overdone.

He only uses the best products available on the market and researches everything thoroughly before introducing a new product or procedure into the clinic.

Who trains the staff?

Dr Stolte personally trains all of his staff to the highest possible level, so that you know you are in the safest of hands with any team member at MEDfacials.

MEDfacials always strives to keep up with market demands, they would never offer clients a fad-treatment that doesn’t work effectively or may be unsafe.

What about Pricing?

MEDfacials hopes to always remain competitive in terms of pricing, whilst maintaining the best possible service and care.

Price-led aesthetics can seem appealing, but you should always do your research and make sure that your practitioner is using a good quality product and has the right level of qualifications to be doing the procedure safely.

It is imperative that they offer a good level of after-care and support should the worst happen and anything does go wrong.

Can I book a consultation?

Please feel free to book in a Free of Charge, no-obligation consultation to discuss any worries or concerns you may have about the procedures we do.

We are so proud of the work we have achieved at MEDfacials and the quality of care we offer; we would love to welcome you to our clinic and hope to meet you soon.