Hair Health Matters

A personal insight into hair loss and effective treatments explained

by Dr Stolte, MEDfacials, Truro

Two years ago, Dr Stolte experienced first hand the stress, worry and loss of confidence that hair loss can cause when his wife began to notice that her own hair was falling out. She was undergoing a course of immunosuppressive medication she had been prescribed. Although she had been advised as to possible side effects, she had not been prepared for the blow that losing her hair had on her self-confidence and overall well being. Hoping to find a solution for her, Dr Stolte began the lengthy process of researching effective hair loss treatments to see how he could help her.


Finding a Solution

Thinning, weak hair, exposed scalp and excessive hair loss can be a genuine concern for many and can, sadly, lead to a loss of self-confidence, apprehension of going out and even bouts of depression. It is estimated that 40% of men under 35 and 1 in 3 women will experience some form of hair loss during their lives. The causes of hair loss are numerous and can be linked to genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, diet or stress.

Thankfully, Dr Stolte was able to find a solution for his wife; her hair loss stopped entirely and within two years, her hair has regrown and has shown a significant improvement in hair and scalp health and vitality. Her inner confidence has returned too which has been the most pleasing outcome for Dr Stolte.

Having realised how affected his wife was by her own hair loss, Dr Stolte decided to create hair rejuvenation packages to similarly offer support for his customers at MEDfacials, Truro.

Dr Stolte explains

“Hair loss can be such a worry for so many people but the industry surrounding hair rejuvenation is costly, confusing and full of products claiming miracle results...."

"...I realised that there is a real lack of clear, medically researched and tailored plans available in the UK and that so many products and services are too expensive to be a realistic option for most people. I wanted to create something that was effective, but affordable. We are so proud to be the only doctor-led clinic offering a results-driven hair rejuvenation package in Cornwall. We are also now able to offer finance on our packages, so that they are affordable for all.

Each of our doctor-led treatment plans is tailored entirely around the needs of the individual patient but usually involve 3-6 treatments to see a cessation in hair loss, hair re-growth and an improvement in scalp and hair health,” Dr Stolte continues. “Our packages combine PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) Therapy and Mesotherapy to stimulate the scalp and encourage re-growth. We also include specialist shampoos and low-level laser treatment to ensure the best possible results.

You are not alone

If you are worried by thinning hair, exposed scalp or hair loss, please know that you are not alone and that there are treatments available to you that will help. We offer free, no-obligation consultations, so please call us to arrange a confidential chat and we can see how we might be able to get you back to looking and feeling great.”

MEDfacials is currently the only doctor-led clinic in Cornwall offering this specialist hair-rejuvenation treatment. For more information or to book, please visit or message, Dr Stolte, on